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Rachel Randel pioneer animal communicator, metaphysical and shamanic practitioner and a kahu

40 years pioneering in the fields of animal communication, metaphysical and shamanic practice for animals

“we need another and a wiser and perhaps a more MYSTICAL CONCEPT of animals . . .

Collie dog on hind legs in water looking up as sunlight shines on the mystical concept

. . . We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate for having taken form so far below ourselves . . . therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings, they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time . . .”


I believe that mystical concept is not just wiser, but some of our deepest wisdom and so do our animal families.

While many belief systems, even some very evolved and deeply spiritual ones, believe that there is a hierarchy in the form we take in each lifetime. That as we evolve spiritually, we move up the chain starting as an amoeba, ant or similar, then, moving up that chain, lifetime after lifetime, until finally reaching the epoch as human beings. Kindly, respectfully, bull pucky.

From what I’ve been shown over and over by the animals in my own life and the many I have been honored to know in my practice, we actually move around a lot. No straight line of hierarchy. No one form better or higher than another. We choose the form that best suits each lifetime’s journey. So many possibilities…

From my experiences, I believe all beings are sentient, with a soul, karma and a chosen path. 

Our other, non-human, families have not forgotten where they came from or why they are here. Their communion with Source is LIVE. They communicate telepathically and are able to communicate with all living things, well, all but one… 

In 40 years of this work, companion animals have shown me that they may just be the smartest beings on the planet. 

Domesticated animals come a very close second when outside factory farming and institutionalized animal environments that utterly ignore, deny and suppress these animals’ sentience. 

Why do I point out only those two groups of animals? I promise, I’m not throwing shade on the wild world, the mystical nature and natural intelligence inherent there is obvious to anyone even half awake. They are the epitome of Beston’s quote. 

These two groups, however, find themselves dependent on humans, by humans, for almost every need. 

Humans, the only living thing on the planet not communicating like everything else. Linguistically ignorant and arrogant (now, I’m throwing shade…). 

Yet, somehow, magically, miraculously even, they have figured out how to get those needs met beyond the basics. 

Where and how do they do this? Through the unseen realms, walking between worlds. Even using their telepathic abilities to somehow bypass our unconsciousness (this is something I have rarely seen amongst species outside these two groups). 

This amazing skill conveys these needs as thoughts in our minds which we unknowingly assume are our own due to our ignorance. MYSTICAL, INDEED…

Now, there is a proviso here. How each of us human beings walks in this world, how we experience ourselves and how we perceive them is a pivotal piece of how successful they are in these mystical endeavors and, more importantly, how successful we are in receiving this communion. Our animals will take risks to wake us up and get our attention, if necessary. Sometimes these risks include “bad” behavior and even illness. They are selfless in their desire for us to see and experience the vastness of the world they do…

Your animals know that before you could talk, you, too, communicated just like every other being on the planet. And, that you still can...

Watch the glee that emanates from preverbal children when they have encounters with animals and the glee that the animals also express in these encounters. It’s because they’re communicating…

They know that language and the sleeping adults around you likely caused you to forget. It’s how it happens for most of us. 

They also know how much you yearn for that alive and awakened connection again. They yearn for it for you… And, they know how to reawaken it, if you will let them.

So, what if that doe eyed doggo slobbering on a ball at your feet, that coquettish feline chasing a dust bunny like a whirling dervish, that winged court jester who screams nonstop every time your mother calls or that stately mare who becomes a wild eyed rebel with no apparent cause are really your guides and teachers? And you theirs? What then? What then…

black horse, a hoofed and furred one, with blaze standing in field with sunlight shining through clouds in mystical concept

“I often imagine that the non human beings on this earth. Fox, badger, Nettle, wolf, salmon, squirrel, oak, worm, Dandelion and daisy…… Wonder what happened to the human animal thread, in this tapestry of life, of nature, of connection.

When was it that the two leggeds fell into such a deep sleep, so deep they no longer see, hear or feel their own beating hearts, no longer listening to the language of life. This tender human thread in this beautiful tapestry has been missing for so long, as if a spell had been cast upon the human spirit, a fog filling their minds until they are lost.

Will the two leggeds return? Weaving themselves back into the fabric of their nature, or will they continue to plod, no longer seeing their home, no longer inhabiting their hearts.

I wonder, is there a story whispered between plant, tree and animal. Of a creature that was once so alive, so knowing and aware of life, a strong part of the community of others. Yet one day this creature lost their voice, becoming mute to nature and life.

And now the fabric is tearing, out of balance, the human thread is no longer holding their part in the community. The tall rooted ones, the small green ones, the scaled, the furred, the winged and the slimy are wondering and waiting….will the two leggeds wake up?” 

Brigit Anna McNeill